Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles
Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles

Bring Them Together – A Youth Empowerment Programme (Phase 1)

Date: August 2022 – Ongoing

Implemented in partnership with Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS) and Educate to Connect (E2C)

The rationale prompting the launching of the club was that there is a general perception that many children in today’s societies are not engaging with the natural world. The reasons are multi-factorial; from changes in cultures, less available playing grounds, less interest from the children themselves and more technological advances that provide an alternative to playing outside. Secondly, there is another general perception that there is not enough positive activities and framework that targets personal development to cater for children especially during the holidays and after school. We intend to provide such a programme through the creation and promotion of the Little Explorers club in the Seychelles. One club was launched on Praslin in May 20022 and we would like to lunch another one in Bel-Ombre in August 2022. In the Little Explorers club, we combine both the natural world (environment) and personal development to inspire, empower and enhance capabilities of our youths for future contribution to environmental protection and socioeconomic development.

The project is being implemented by 3 partner NGOs: TRASS on Praslin, Gaea Seychelles and Educate to Connect on Mahe. Activities will be conducted on both Mahe and Praslin. TRASS on Praslin already has the necessary facilities to conduct the project such as a fully equipped nursery, store and office. Bel-Ombre however will use the Education & Research Centre for youths’ in the community centre owned by the Local Government under and that the DA has made available for children’s programmes. Furthermore, the DA has agreed for the project to use and develop the large space within the compound of the community centre which is under-developed. An MoU will be signed between the partner organisations and the DA for the use of this centre and the common grounds.

To note that given the success of the Little Explorers club on Praslin, TRASS and Gaea Seychelles have decided to launch this on Mahe, precisely at Bel-Ombre with the idea of promoting its expansion into other districts. To achieve this, the NGO Educate to Connect based at Bel-Ombre has been brought on board the project.


Empowerment and enhanced capabilities of our youths as part of their personal development and future contribution to environmental protection and socioeconomic development


Provide opportunities for skills development & environmental awareness of our Youths

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