Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles
Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles

Board Members

Terence Vel

President / Chairman

Mr. Terence Vel has a Diploma in Conservation Education with Distinction, University of (Kent (2006 – 2008). He has a Certificate in Conservation Project Training Course, Smithsonian Institution – Washington DC. He participated in the Outreach Programme ‘Museum Management and Education Outreach’, Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum London (1998).

Mr. Vel is a Laboratory Technician at the University of Seychelles where he provides lectures and filed studies for the students of the University but also assist with other projects. He has various fields of competence: Avian Ecology – Captive management, Wildlife Conservation, Invasive species, Biological Inventory, Sustainable Development, Media, Environment Education, Communication and Community outreach, Social Marketing, GIS mapping and Community Survey. Mr Vel has a lot of professional experience: Volunteer Project Coordinator / management for the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles (1994 to Date); Technical Adviser at Nature Seychelles (1999 – 2010) where he was involved in various GEF funded conservation and restoration projects; Environment Commissioner – Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS, 2008 – 2012) where he represented all civil society (ENGO) who has membership with CEPS. The aim was to create a platform where the ENGO can share links and other relevant work / project under one umbrella.

Thelma Pool

Vice-President / Vice-Chairman

Ms. Thelma Pool has been a professional radio producer/presenter/journalist for over 30 years now. After completing three years in Humanities and Sciences at the Seychelles Polytechnique and one year at the Seychelles Media School, she joined the Radio television Seychelles in 1989. Over those years she has produced a variety of programmes from music to health and from culture to legal education. In 2010 she co-authored a book entitled “The Outer islands of Seychelles-Zil Elwannyen Sesel” alongside Mr Adrian Skerett and his wife Judith Skerett.

For the last five years she has been the Principal of Radyo Sesel, one of the two radios of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, the national broadcaster of the Seychelles. One of her main duties is to ensure that all productions, and content on the radio are of the highest standard and quality to meet the audience demand and satisfaction. Ms. Pool has also produced and presented a series of legal programmes for Television from 2014 to 2016 and is hence well versed with the Seychelles Laws.

She has a Certificate in General Management and is currently doing her Diploma in the same area at the Guy Morel Institute of Management.  Ms. Pool is an excellent producer and presenter and a good communicator and public educator particularly addressing national pertinent issues that are impacting on the peoples’ lives. Ms. Pool has moderated on various platforms and debates such as health, environment, and finance. Ms. Pool is also a Board member of the National Aids Council of Seychelles for the past three years, and a new member of the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council and the Ministry of Health. Her hobbies include reading, nature trailing, and gardening with a lot of interest and focus on the protection of the environment.

Wilna Accouche


Ms. Wilna Accouche has 17 years of experience with Seychelles environment with an interest in application of research in conservation management decisions. She has a master in Conservation Project Management, 2015-2016 University of Kent, UK, where she did her dissertation on ‘Assessing the conservation and management of Aldabra nature reserve using the Conservation Excellence Model’. She has a BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in Nature Protection and Management: Management of Natural Spaces, 2005-2007 LEGTA de Valabre, Aix-en[1]Provence, France.

Ms Accouche is the General Manager of the Green Islands Foundation (GIF) where she oversees the implementation of projects, provide technical backstopping to projects and recruit and manage staff working on projects and islands. Conduct networking activities and advocacy for GIF’s projects and its visions. Ms. Accouche previously worked for the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF) where she setted up and coordinated research and monitoring projects on key species and habitats in the UNESCO World heritage site of Vallee de Mai nature reserve including workplans and budgets. Developed standard protocols for all these monitoring and research programmes. Updated the Fire Contingency Plan for Vallee de Mai nature reserve. Seconded to Aldabra as Island Manager on several occasions for periods between one month and four months. Participated in bird eradication projects on Mahe and Assumption islands. Oversee the implementation of the Aldabra biosecurity plan and brief visitors/staff to Aldabra on biosecurity procedures.

She also worked for the Ministry of Environment in terms of establishing and conducting monitoring programmes, train and build capacity of junior staff to implement these programmes, supervision of research and other projects concerning the conservation and management of endangered species in Seychelles, ensure implementation of policies guiding species protection in the country and as well as Seychelles’ implementation and fulfillment of obligations under International conventions such as CBD, IUCN, CITES.

Elvina Henriette


Dr. Henriette is a Conservation Biologist with a passion for nature. She is a Seychellois Docteur du Muséum national d’histoire naturelle in Paris (2011), who specialised in ecology at the ‘Institut d’Écologie et de Gestion de la Biodiversité’ (Conservation des espèces, restauration et suivi des populations; UMR 7204). She also holds a Masters degree from ‘Université de la Réunion’ (2008) and a BSc degree from the University of East Anglia (UK).

She has worked with the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in the UK, and for many years in Seychelles as a conservation biologist and practitioner with the Seychelles Ministry of Environment and later as an independent consultant with private islands, the Seychelles National History Museum and local NGOs. She has worked as coordinator of the Environmental Science BSc degree development at the University of Seychelles. She is also a member of the Reintroduction Specialist Group and a collaborator of the Invasive Species Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN. She has authored or co-authored the book on the management of alien invasive species (2015), a variety of scientific publications, popular articles and technical reports on birds, plants, corals, invasive species and wildlife in general.

Her main interest is research and conservation of the biodiversity of tropical ecosystems with the aim of addressing biodiversity loss through practical measures for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and biological resources, provision of biodiversity information for decision-making, filling gaps in knowledge and contributing to the understanding and appreciation of nature. She has expertise in biodiversity inventories, restoration/rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems including burnt forest lands, mangroves and coastal forests; restoration and population recovery of Endangered island bird populations and restoration of their habitats. Dr. Henriette secondary interest is Conservation Education with the aim of finding ways to communicate science to the people and engaging them in environmental issues to build ecological awareness and an appreciation of their local environment. She also has a general interest in natural history. Her hobbies are: photography and filming, hiking, cycling, gardening and most of all ‘lev kazye’ i.e. recreational fishing.

Amanda Port-Louis

Ordinary member

Ms Amanda Port-Louis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science (2016-2019, University of Seychelles). During her studies, Ms Port-Louis has done several internships with different conservation organizations: SIF (2017), ICS and Fregate Island Private (2018). Ms. Port-Louis is currently a GIS Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment. Upon completing her studies, she worked with the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles as a Project Coordinator under the Mangrove Management and Restoration Project. Simultaneously, she worked part-time with Enviro Consultancy (2019-2020). Throughout this year, Ms. Port-Louis has developed her skills in conducting biological inventory, organizing workshops, generating maps and book-keeping. Ms. Port-Louis is a former member of the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles and is currently a member of The Ocean Project Seychelles. In addition, Ms. Port-Louis volunteered to participate in the outer islands clean-up initiative (2019) organized by Islands Development Company and The Ocean Project Seychelles. She has also volunteered in many beach clean-ups, mangrove restoration, tree planting, and translocation activities. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, dancing, and watching documentaries and movies.

Sylvanna Antat

Ordinary member

Sylvanna is a Social Scientist with 10 years’ experience in Protected Area Management, scientific research and coastal and marine science. She also has 5 years’ experience as a consultant. She has worked as a Lecturer/Researcher with University of Seychelles/BERI, in the past. She has a demonstrated history of working in environmental services, with a focus on Protected Area Management, strategic planning and policy. She is a research professional with an Institute of Leadership – City and Guilds Award in Leadership and Management.

Her Research Areas of interest are Environmental Policy, strengthening leadership and management, and capacity building as relevant and for driving a sustainable Blue Economy Agenda. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography from James Cook University, and an MPhil in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge. She has contributed to various projects, consultancies, publications and book chapters. She holds several Awards, Fellowships and Honours from EDGE Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Mandela Washington Fellowship, ILM and Earth-watch. Sylvanna is also a member of the University of Cambridge Conservation Leadership Alumni Network (UCCLAN). She is skilled in Stakeholder Engagement, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Capacity Building, Sustainable Development, Advocacy, and Socio-economic Research and Development.