Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles
Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles

About Dr. Henriette

I am a Conservation Biologist with a passion for nature.

I have a multitude of interests. One is research and conservation of the biodiversity of tropical ecosystems with the aim of addressing biodiversity loss through practical measures for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and biological resources, provision of biodiversity information for decision-making, filling gaps in knowledge and contributing to the understanding and appreciation of nature.

I have expertise in biodiversity inventories, restoration/rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems including burnt forest lands, mangroves and coastal forests; restoration and population recovery of Endangered island bird populations and rehabilitation of their habitats. Since 2001, I have been actively involved in

conservation introductions of endangered birds to other suitable islands, and ecological research especially on territoriality and demography of island bird populations. I am involved in biodiversity inventories of several granitic islands of the Seychelles and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems.

My other interest is Conservation Education with the aim of finding ways to communicate science to the people and engaging them in environmental issues to build ecological awareness and an appreciation of their local environment. I also have a general interest in natural history.

But above all, my passion in life is to mentor and aid in the personal transformation of people especially the youths to empower them to personally develop their abilities and talent for their own success.

My hobbies are;

Photography and filming, hiking, cycling, gardening and most of all ‘lev kazye’ i.e. recreational fishing.