Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles
Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles

Assessment of amphibians and other biodiversity in Fond Boffay and Nouvelle Decouverte catchments – Praslin

Date: 2020

Jim Labisko (IBC, DICE), David J. Gower (IBC, Natural History Museum London), Simon T. Maddock (IBC, University of Wolverhampton, Natural History Museum London), Elvina Henriette and Wilna Accouche Gaea Seychelles


Praslin National Park (NP) is home to a range of endemic species, including several reptile and amphibian taxa that are found nowhere else on the planet. Many of these species have very small distributions and are likely threatened with extinction if not managed effectively. Little is known about the distribution and abundance of amphibians within the Praslin NP, and for many of the amphibians, especially caecilians, we know very little about their natural histories or habitat requirements. To effectively assess the impacts that the proposed wetland expansions in Praslin NP will have on amphibians inhabiting the catchments around these wetlands, dedicated and rigorous surveys using appropriate techniques are required. This consultancy was hence undertaken to assess impacts on the local biodiversity and make appropriate recommendations for wetland expansions that will not only limit development impacts but that aim to improve habitat for some of the most threatened species in Seychelles.

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