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Welcome to the Official Website of Gaea Seychelles

Little Explorers Bel-Ombre learns more about conservation through a visit to the Victoria Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden was established in 1901 by a Mauritian agronomist, Rivalz Dupont. It is one of Seychelles’ oldest national monuments and hosts a variety of native and exotic plants which provides habitats to several bird species and other animals.

The Botanical Garden is ideal for educational visits where students can learn about nature and develop an appreciation for nature.

The first thing to capture the curiosity of the Little Explorers was the biggest nut in the world – the Coco de mer. It was an opportunity for the Explorers to learn about its biology. As kids made their way into the garden, they were attracted by an information board depicting several animal species. This provided an opportunity to test their knowledge about the various species.

On the way to the tortoise enclosure, they came across an eye-catching tree with large pink flowers and large, round, heavy fruits shaped like a cannonball. The tree is called the Cannonball tree.

The best attraction for the Little Explorers was the giant tortoises. The kids were so excited to get up close to the tortoises. They fed the tortoises and learned a lot about them from Dr. Henriette who was accompanying them. After more than an hour playing with the tortoises, the Little Explorers visited the rest of the gardens including the Guangzhou Chinese Garden. For most of the Little Explorers it was their first time in the Botanical Gardens and they really enjoyed it.


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